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Andy and Jordan Dalton Host King for a Day
August 15, 2012

Andy & Jordan Dalton Foundation, prolanthropyAndy Dalton leads group of kids to Kings Island

MASON - With a day off between the dog days of training camp and preparing for the first preseason game against the Jets, Andy Dalton took time out to provide some fun for 75 families.

The Andy and Jordan Dalton Foundation held its first King for a Day at Kings Island for children with special needs or severe or chronic illnesses with their families. The children and their families had an all-expense-paid day at the theme park that included passes for rides, snack vouchers and lunch.

“It is going really well. Everyone seems to be having a lot of fun,” Dalton said. “It was a great turnout. I’m glad this thing worked out and everyone has been appreciative of what we’ve done.”

Since announcing the formation of his foundation in late April, Dalton held a fundraising event in June and Monday’s event. There is a plan later this year for a Date Night where the Daltons would host sick children while their families would be able to enjoy a night out.

After lunch, Dalton and some of the children and their families went on the Diamondback roller coaster. Dalton said he had not been to a theme park in awhile, but he enjoyed the roller coasters.

“As long as it is not spinning around I’m good,” he said.

Dalton and his wife, Jordan, were in the front row and he seemed none the worse for wear after the ride. The mission of the Andy and Jordan Dalton Foundation is to provide opportunities, support and resources to children and families in need throughout Greater Cincinnati.

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